A place to learn

ACA offers a supportive learning environment that promotes self-motivation, independence and collaboration, allowing learners’ experiences and interests to be reflected in deep thinking and synthesis – a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Our teachers provide sound instruction in all subject areas. A variety of tools, including technology, are used to enhance learning as well as to ensure that students are actively engaged. Lessons and activities are planned so that students are encouraged to think analytically, solve problems, find and evaluate information, communicate effectively, and collaborate with their peers in order to succeed in the world today and be adequately prepared for the future. ACA is a place where both truth and knowledge combine to provide students with wisdom; our students are encouraged to discover the God-factor in every lesson.


Children in grades creche through kindergarten receive an introductory school experience from 8am-1pm, five days a week. Teachers specifically focus on providing children with the foundational knowledge of elementary level reading and math.

Elementary School

Students in 1st-5th grade learn from 8am-2:30pm with optional clubs ending at 3:30pm. The Elementary school is divided into Lower Elementary (1st-3rd) and Upper Elementary (4th-5th) School. Children begin learning from specialized teachers for specials such as Bible, P.E., Computer, Art and French.

Middle School

Students in 6th-8th grade learn from 8:30am-3:30pm with optional clubs ending at 4:30pm. It offers a unique blend of U.S. and U.K. curricula in the Humanities, Science, Math, Technology, and Performing Arts, tapping into student’s curiosity and fostering a desire to direct his or her own learning.

High School

Students in 9th-12th grade end classes at 3:30pm with optional clubs ending at 4:30pm. After taking the IGCSE exams in 10th grade, students choose either the U.K. (A Levels or Foundation Program) or the U.S. (AP) track in preparation for universities around the globe.


Learning Support Services

Individualized Educational Plans

Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) are required for all students who are experiencing an area of difficulty which may be reported by the classroom teacher or through analysis of data. The purpose of this plan is to provide appropriate academic support for the student with proper instructional strategies and interventions.

English Language Learning Students & Parents

Direct Approach Method is used for students who can neither speak nor write in the English Language. In this method, all teaching is done in the target language (English). At the beginning, grammar is taught inductively, there is a focus on speaking, listening, reading and only useful everyday language is taught. The materials and instructions are introduced orally with actions, pictures and videos.

21st Century Learning at ACA

ACA’s Technology Integration Program (TIP) addresses several cyber security concerns as well as protecting instructional time through:


  • Web content filtering on ACA’s firewall                  
  • Cloud-based web content filtering for online safety at home
  • Apple classroom management
  • Apple screen time management
  • ACA mobile device manager

Student's Achievements

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We think our students are pretty intelligent and talented. The ACA family has been blessed many times to learn that other people think so too. Our students have competed, tested, and performed in countless athletic, academic, and performing arts areas. We praise God not just for the scores that make this page but for the incredible effort our students put forth.