ACA provides fiber optic services to facilitate online learning. We seek to stay abreast of leading education technology aids by currently subscribing to the following services: Engrade Pro for our grade reporting system, educational learning tools such as Raz-Kids, Phonics Hero, and Spelling City for our elementary school Language Arts classes.

ICT Labs

The provision of three well-equipped ICT labs around our campus: one lab dedicated to preschool learners with wide and touch screen computers fully fitted with audio visual facilities and containing helpful preschool learning resources. The second lab is used by both elementary and senior school students while the third lab is reserved for use by our high school students enrolled in online classes.


Students entering fourth grade will be introduced to ACA’s Technology Integration Program (TIP) using the school’s iPads at no additional cost to parents.

Students entering 5th grade will be required to purchase iPads through the school.

High school students may use either android tablets, iPad, or Laptops of their choice.

These devices are replacing paper textbooks in a bid to make learning more mobile for our students in line with emerging trends in international schools across the globe.


We have a fantastic grade reporting system; Engrade™ which reports students’ performance in a highly interactive format fostering excellent home-school relations. We subscribe to Computer Aided Learning (CAL) software which has had successful student outcomes in other schools. Examples are Spelling City, RAZ (Reading A-Z), Khan Academy. We also operate an online library service (Librarika™ where we have more than 16,000 books available to students) in addition to our well-stocked onsite library.

Computer Use

ACA is equipped with adequate computers to teach students ICT skills. Although the computer teacher will handle the classes and monitor all Internet usage, students are responsible for the proper use of the computers. Students sign an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) annually to ensure safe internet usage.