Middle School

About Middle School

The overarching goal of the Middle School program is to establish a firm foundation for educating global citizens able to think, create, communicate effectively, and effect positive change in society. We trust that the program will enrich the academic experience of our young learners as they transition to High School.

Middle school

Integrated Subjects

One of the special features of the program is the offering of integrated courses made up of subject groups designed to be cross-curricular in nature. Students will be exposed to the connections amongst the group of subjects under each category. In the process, they will develop the mental capacity as well as the transferable skills essential for further academic study. The experience will play a significant role in raising the achievement level of students intending to take courses in related fields such as the Cambridge IGCSE Environmental Science, for instance, which connects biology, earth science, economics, and geography.


In teaching integrated subjects, teachers will incorporate the way learners of today enjoy learning. Through a mix of theoretical and practical studies, team work, presentations, projects, and a possible networking opportunity with other learners around the world.

Technology Integration

In providing education that is 21st century compliant, the Middle School program will integrate technology to enhance learning. Therefore, students are required to have devices (tablets or iPads) for specified subjects and also for homework.