Student Work and Achievements

We think our students are pretty intelligent and talented. The ACA family has been blessed many times to learn that other people think so too. Our students have competed, tested, and performed in countless athletic, academic, and performing arts areas. We praise God not just for the scores that make this page but for the incredible effort our students put forth.

IGCSE Best in Nigeria Award

Tobi Ogunbiyi was rewarded in May 2017 for achieving the highest score in the whole of Nigeria in IGCSE Business Studies in the academic year 2016-2017

Nadia Amadou was rewarded in June 2018 for achieving the highest score in the whole of Nigeria in IGCSE French in the academic year 2017-2018.

DELF Awards

French language is a part of ACA’s curriculum. ACA students have routinely won first prize in annual Alliance Francais debate, drama, spelling bee, and quiz competitions. Students at ACA are adequately prepared for French language exams (DELF). ACA records commendable percentage of A’s every year, the highest recorded in 2015 where 80% of the students obtained A’s in the DELF Prim A1 exam.

Metro Eyes Writing Contest

Judea Anonyuo (6 th Grade) was awarded FIRST PLACE in the year 2016 for the NATIONWIDE Creative Writing Contest conducted by Metro Eyes Optometry Clinic.

Ms. Sumbo’s Foundation Award

Our long serving staff Ms. Sumbo Akinyemi retired this year (2018) and set up an award fund for the BEST Chemistry and Biology student in 9th grade. The award will commence with the conclusion of the 2018-2019 academic year.

Peter Lamuren Award

Long standing parents and friends of ACA, Mr. and Mrs. Lamuren honor Elementary and Senior school students each year for their outstanding performance in Math and the Sciences.

One-of-a-Kind Awards

At the end of each academic year, every student receives a “One-of-a-Kind” Award highlighting a unique character trait.

Other Awards

Some other awards, such as best Reader, Artist, Writer, Athlete, Actor/Actress, Musician, and various conduct awards are given to students during weekly as well as Award assemblies to acknowledge excellence in other disciplines.