Athletic competitions, such as the biannual Sports Daze and 24-Hour Sports Marathon are opportunities for ACA students to develop their athletic skills and talents in healthy competition. The Elementary and Senior School sports teams (basketball, soccer, and track) represent ACA in inter school competitions.

A secondary, but equally important strength is that ACA students exhibit a team mentality that is a result of having a culture of selflessness coupled with the fear of God. ACA students have won every basketball match for the past three years and have done so with humility, grace, and gratitude.

24 Hour Sports Marathon

ACA organizes a 24 Hour Sports Marathon bi-annually to foster bonding between students, staff and parents. The ACA community looks forward to this event packed full of fun activities, games, food, and entertainment.

Sports Daze

Sports Daze at ACA is a bi-annual event which begins several weeks prior to the final games. Students from 1st-12th grade are taken through a rigorous training, in which they are given the opportunity to race against their age-mates to determine the competitors who will participate in each track & field event. Fun and exciting games were introduced in 2019 to challenge our students and to inspire essential life-skills and characteristics such as physical dexterity, coordination, and teamwork: the “Beach Ball Hop,” “the “Big Foot Stomp,” and an obstacle course.


ACA Basketball

Unbeaten run that has stretched over the last 3 years