Vol 44: Issue 3 ( November 2022 )


Welcome to our Thanksgiving Month Recap

Let’s take a walk down memory lane,

as we give you a rundown of our activities this NOVEMBER

Thanksgiving Celebration
Celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November (US)

“Thanksgiving day in JC hall, join & sing this angel song

The brightness of His glory spreading to ya

Heaven and earth proclaim His praise,

Little children, arms are raised

O none can stop the shouts of Hallelujah!”

– from ACA’s Hallelujah © 2021


…for our very special “Thanksgiving Concert” Gallery Feature!


But BEFORE you do, join us as we look back on our Thanksgiving Month…

It has indeed been a month of Thanksgiving! Over the past month, our ACA Family reminded ourselves of all we have to be thankful for, as we asked our students, “What are you thankful for?”

Here are some of our favorite responses from each class:

1st Grade: “God made earth, all of us and gave himself to us.”


2nd Grade: “Our powerful God, peaceful homes, pretty teachers,… YAY!!”


3rd Grade: “For our family, friends, shelter & food – we’re thankful!”


4th Grade: “Family, the life we have, and friends all around.”


5th Grade: “Chips, everyone in our lives, and God’s plan for us!”


6th Grade: “There are 8 billion people but God cares for all.”


7th Grade: “God’s love for us, soccer and the world cup!”


8th Grade: “Give thanks to the Lord for His eternal nature.”


9th Grade: “We get to hear His Word everyday at school”


10th Grade: “We are loved and held by family and friends.”


11th Grade: “We are thankful for diversity of cultures at ACA.”


12th Grade: “The gratuity in our hearts runs deep for life.”

Indeed, we have so much to be thankful for! And in 12 different languages celebrating our diversity at ACA, student representatives from each grade responded in Thanksgiving to God, “His love endures forever!”

World Children’s Day

Celebrated worldwide on November 20

Friday, November 18, 2022

“We are THANKFUL for diversity of cultures at ACA!”

In honor of World Children’s Day this November, we looked back on our opening performance from last year’s Thanksgiving Concert with our Preschool Dance Club “He Reigns”, as our older students in Elementary, Middle, and High School dressed up in their different cultural attire to celebrate!

The theme for this year’s World Children’s Day (celebrated on November 20) is “Inclusion, for Every Child”, and this aligns with our Core Value #1 here at ACA, that “Every Child is made in the Image of God and is therefore of Inestimable Worth”. We have welcomed children from almost 60 different nations over the past 30 years and celebrate all our different cultures and backgrounds.

PRESCHOOL: Join our Preschoolers as they wave their flags and dance in glory to God, in this special feature from last year’s Thanksgiving Celebration!
“It’s every tribe, every tongue, every nation
A love song born of a grateful choir…”


Our SBG (Student Body Government) encouraged students to come dressed in their best cultural attire, as they put on an awesome afternoon celebrating World Children’s Day together. We absolutely LOVE the beauty in diversity that we saw! Here’s a little snippet we’d like to call “Faces of ACA”:

These photos were taken and edited in collaboration with an ongoing Independent Project (IP) by Ifeoluwa Ajayi-Obe (9th Grade), celebrating ACA’s cultures. We look forward to seeing his completed work!

Class Photos: We couldn’t miss the opportunity to make a few stops in our classrooms for some group photos!

Event Highlights: Our SBG put on a well-planned afternoon of traditional foods, performances and more! We’re throwing our hats off to our student leaders for a job well done!

Parent–Teacher Conferences (PTC)

Health & Career Talks

We extend our gratitude to our ACA parents, Dr. Kuti for a very insightful health talk given to staff on ‘Hypertension’, and to Mr. Akarah for a timely and engaging career talk given to High School students.

Monthly Class Features

“WELCOME to Our Classrooms!”


CRÈCHE: Sleep Time!

For the first time ever, we all slept at the same time! So we had to put the date down in our diaries: November 16, 2022.



Show & Tell

Our toys came out to play for show & tell!


“Sense of Sight”

Nursery students learned all about their sense of sight and appreciated their ability to see while wearing blindfolds.


Table Manners and Sad–Happy Faces

Nursery students showed good table manners as they set their tables before eating. Using paper plates, they then learned the opposite word pair, happy and sad.

Pre-KG Literacy:

 Word Building

Pre-KG Math:


Pre-KG Science:

“Sense of Taste”

Check out our little ones’ reactions to sweet, bitter, salty, sour, and spicy food. Can you guess who’s eating what? You might be in for a good laugh!

PRE-KG Literacy:

“Mystery Reader”

Thank you to our Pre-KG parents for honoring our mystery reader invitation!

KG Art:


Children in KG and Pre-KG made Native American crowns to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Elementary School

Special Feature: MENTAL MATH WORLD CUP 2022

Our awards and medals are here! Four of our Lower Elementary students were “Country Toppers”, ranking 2nd and 3rd across Nigeria in the Master and Challenger categories of the World Mental Math Competition held over the summer (July 2022). A huge “CONGRATULATIONS!” to our young mathematicians, Temi G., Nimi G., Tito F. and Zaakir! We are so proud of you!

1ST GRADE Science:

“Engineering Design”

1st Graders designed pencil holders and presented their projects in class


Data Collection and Survey (Biographs)

The students learned about “biography”. They went to other Elementary school classes and got the favorite colors of the students there. They then made bio graphs based on the data collected.

1ST GRADE Science:

Plants and their Features

Students learned about plants and their features. They then colored illustrated pictures of the plants.

1ST GRADE Literacy:

Introducing “Read to Someone”

2ND GRADE Science:

Field Trip to UI Zoo!


Anger Management Class

We reviewed what we learned last year and look forward to learning how to manage our feelings of anger in and out of class.


Science & Literacy

While learning about Adverbs, we have Basem following instructions from his classmates. We then stepped outdoors on a tour of the school to get to know more about the characteristics of leaves.

Using the leaves we collected, we created leaf paintings. Here’s the end result of our leaf paintings!

5TH GRADE Science:

The Cell

Can you tell the difference between a plant and an animal cell under a microscope? Our 5th Graders sure can! Our young scientists have been learning a lot about the living cell, characteristics, functions, the cell cycle, and more. We were all excited to step out of our classroom into the Biology Lab for this special lesson!


The Human Hand

Middle School

8TH GRADE Design & Technology (DT):

“Design a Stool”

DT students were given a project to design and build a stool or chair from carton. The perfect test? Well, chairs/stools are meant for sitting!

High School

Special Feature: IGCSE Design & Technology (DT)

We found our new favorite desk and chair! Our DT teacher, Mr. Shina, shows us a very innovative desk and chair designed and built by his 10th Grade IGCSE student last year, Oyinkan, now serving as his teacher’s desk in our recently renovated DT room. This very creative and functional design features a comfortable leather-like covering and cushioning that supports both upright and partial recline seating positions, a space for his stack of books, a fixed tabletop for working, and a convertible worktop that doubles as an inclined drawing board.


Classical Cast Drawings


Field Trip & Event

High School Geography students attended the annual GIS Day event. It was an educational experience for most of the students, and they were excited to participate in the various activities which highlighted the conservation of biodiversity in Nigeria. The program was featured in a news article by EnviroNews Nigeria, with a cover photo and words from one of our ACA students, Ifeoluwa Ajayi-Obe, noting that the event was an eye-opener and promising to conserve the natural world. The institution, in partnership with GIS Konsult launched the A-B-C (Agro-Biodiversity Conservation) project, and an open invitation was extended to ACA for further collaborations with the Nigerian Society for Conservation Biology.

EnviroNews Article: https://www.environewsnigeria.com/stakeholders-inaugurate-abc-project-to-reduce-climate-change-effectson-ecosystem/.

ACA’s Super League (Soccer)

Inter-Grade Basketball Challenge

Ø Grade 7 vs Grade 8: 6 – 11

Ø Grade 9 vs Grade 10: nil – 6

Ø Grades 9-10 vs Grades 11-12: Inconclusive


Club Features

Here’s a recap of some of our favorite club activities caught on camera this November, from Thanksgiving crafts to Thanksgiving concert performances, and everything in between!

Clubs are listed in alphabetical order:




Happy Thanksgiving! As we made our Thanksgiving Turkeys with paper rolls, we asked ourselves, “What are you thankful for?” Take a look at our turkey feathers to find out!

ETIQUETTE (Preschool)


PERFORMANCE (Middle – High School)

<See “MIDDLE–HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR” Thanksgiving Concert Gallery below>


Special Gallery Feature



Thanksgiving Song


Psalm 136 (ACA’s Version)


Thanksgiving Song & Reflection


Songs of Thanksgiving & Praise



“I Choose Joy!” (A Special Throwback)


“This Thanksgiving, we choose JOY!”
As we wrap up Thanksgiving month, we look back with thankful hearts on some of our favorite moments… Join ACA’s Hip Hop Club as they let joy make them MOVE in this video from ACA’s 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebration last year (2021).

We hope you’ve enjoyed out Thanksgiving Month recap with us!


SEE YOU NEXT MONTH in our December Blog, as we bring you all our Christmas and End-of-Year activities.

School Updates & Announcements


Join us in our next monthly blog for another wonderful recap!


JANUARY 4TH, 2023 – School resumes @ 9:00 am (no uniforms and clubs); Wellspring residents resume.



1 Ahmad


2 Eniiyijoba


3 Aamuktha


4 Kamsi, Mr. Felix


5 Ahmad Saleh, Mr. Olumide B


8 Ariella, Aboud, Ms. Tope


9 Joseph S.


10 Hillary


11 Joyce, Swara G.


13 Ms. Ebele


14 Tobenna, Prianna, Swara G., Vardhav


16 Joli


17 Srishti


18 Ayomide B., Hassan


19 Gabriella, Ms. Ethel, Mr. Babatunde


20 Ms. Bola O, God’s Peace


21 Ali S., Ire (Queen)


23 Jeanie, Mr. Abiola


26 Ms. Olamide, Eniife, Oshojeme


27 Sahaan, Sahasra


28 Christian, Swara


29 Devesh


30 Andrea




3 Mr. Johnson


4 Leya, Maahir


5 Mr. Ade, Mr. Kenny


8 Mary


10 Ashley, Tracy


11 Adyant, Mr. James, Mr. Solomon (Econs)


12 Yoonna, Fikun


13 Mojisola, Ms. Kosi, Mr. Emma


17 Ms. Christiana


18 Adefemi, Ini Ak., Ms. Tosin, Esther F, Amir


21 Seyi


23 Ms. Omolade, Ms. KC


25 Jamal


26 Temi A., Jeremiah


28 Bianca


30 Demilade O.


31 Chisom, Mesooma, Mr. Dominic