Vol 44: Issue 4 ( December 2022 )

JOY! – An ACA Christmas

Welcome to our Christmas / End-of-Year Recap as we step into 2023!

Take a walk down memory lane with us,

and enjoy a front-row seat to “Christmas at ACA” last DECEMBER

Here’s to a joy-filled new year!

VIDEO PREMIERES on February 1, 2023 @ 8:00pm WAT


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Join us as we recap on Christmas at ACA over the past 2 years in this 10-minute video: “JOY!” — An ACA Christmas. As we learn the true meaning of Christmas, we experience the joy of giving ourselves to our community through song, service, spending time together, sharing our gifts and talents, and more!

From caroling at the Christian Mission School for the Deaf, Ibadan Motherless Babies Home and ACA’s Preschool courtyard last year, to our All-School Christmas Concerts this year, Preschool Santa’s Grotto, surprise visits from the SBG Elves and everything in between, we’re spreading JOY all-round into the new year! We hope that the hope, joy and peace that Christmas brings radiates throughout the year.

Special Thanks to the Christian Mission for the Deaf (Ibadan), Ibadan Motherless Babies Home, and our entire staff & student family at ACA.

“Read More” in the YouTube description @ American Christian Academy, and keep scrolling for more of our Christmas 2022 recap!


But before we walk you through our Christmas highlights, let’s take you back to the first weekend of the month of December at ACA, with this Special Feature from one of our very own… After kicking off the school year with Architect Malik Melli (Class of 2016) completing his first full design and supervision project for ACA’s new Middle–High School Block, we were very happy to end 2022 hosting Artist (and Engineer!) Nelson Afolabi Akinruntan (Class of 2015)’s very first Art Exhibition! Scroll through for our blog’s first Alumni Feature!


“SHOWING OFF” – A Collection of Artwork by [Nelson] Afolabi Akinruntan

December 3, 2022

(A Word from Nelson — ACA’s Class of 2015)

“My name is Nelson Afolabi Akinruntan. I am an alumnus of the class of 2015 (ACA’s best class). I personally think they should dub me ‘Mr. ACA’ – why? Because I’m one of the very few that started at Crèche and stayed up until Grade 12. My loyalty to ACA is why it was important for me to have my first exhibition where it all started – the ACA grounds.

During my time at ACA, I enjoyed most of my classes, playing sports, the social life and more. We always had a nurturing student-teacher environment that made classes enjoyable, and the great oral and written skills I picked up made it easy for me to settle in as an international student at Bowling Green State University (Ohio USA), where I studied Electronics and Computer Engineering. But as Art was one of the 3 subjects I loved most at ACA, I took my passion for drawing along with me and continued to develop my skills as a hobby and an escape.

After returning to Nigeria in 2021, the stress of a 9-to-5 Engineering job led me back to painting as a release. As people started to inquire and buy some of my art, I considered dipping my feet almost full time into painting. Now in Abuja (and the MD of the Febson group), I continue to enjoy painting and take every free time I get to work on the ideas I have.”




Our Preschool Christmas was on all week long with Christmas crafts, Christmas hats, PJ day and bedtime stories, Santa’s Grotto, and our Pre & Elementary Christmas! We especially loved welcoming our parents in ACA’s Santa’s Grotto as Santa handed out gifts to all our Preschoolers!

Back in our classrooms and on the JC Hall stage, we celebrated the true meaning of Christmas…




KG: The Christmas Story


Our Christmas Program featured a wonderful Musical Drama from Elementary School: JINGLE BELL BEACH! The energy in the hall was contagious as our students rang in the Christmas season. Here’s our gallery recap:

Meanwhile, in our classrooms, our students celebrated Christmas all week long with different activities:






We also enjoyed special features from Elementary School Dance Clubs in BOTH concerts!

– Elementary Ballet Club –

– Elementary Hip-Hop Club –


It was a very musical Christmas indeed! We enjoyed a recital-style Christmas Concert from our Senior Musical Performance Club with special features from ballet, hip hop, instrumental clubs and more!

“Santa and his Elves”

High School students dressed up as Santa and elves as they handed out gifts to all Preschoolers in ACA’s Santa’s Grotto!

SBG Visit to Christian Mission for the Deaf

ACA’s Student Body Government (SBG) leaders presented donations on behalf of our school to the Christian Mission School for the Deaf.


Our Lower Elementary staff may or may not have won this Christmas with their coordinated ankara pants 😉

Or one might give the trophy to our phenomenal staff choir and dancers!

No, we’re saying a huge “THANK YOU!” all-round, to every single member of staff who made our Christmas programs a success! We loved seeing you enjoy all your hard work as we watched our incredible students perform. Glory to God!

And to all our ever-supportive parents, we’re sending warm ACA hugs with hearts full of gratitude. God bless you all!





1 Hidara, Mehvish, Nahla


3 Mr. Success


8 Neel, Merlin, Korede


10 Motirayo


12 Ms. Tolu, Ismail


13 Arhaan


14 Michael Okoli


15 Folakunmi, Miriam, Emmanuella


16 Mr.Tommy, Shashank


17 Aavya


18 Chloe, Ayushman, Jovany, Nimi J.


19 Tomiwa A., Arya D, Divya, Mr Samuel


20 Mr. Samson


21 Oreofe, Ms. Crystal


22 Mr. Olumide


23 Mr. Taiwo


24 Mira E., Mr. Doyin


25 David A.


26 Mimi Cole


27 Ifedayo, Temilade


28 Ms. Kehinde, Ms. Ruth, Mr. Joseph, Ini Adediran


29 Rakshat