Vol 44: Issue 2 (October 2022 )

WELCOME BACK from Fall Break!

Let’s take a walk down memory lane,

as we give you a rundown of our activities this OCTOBER

Here’s to a joy-filled new year!

We look back on our Independence Day month as ACA celebrated Nigeria, our school’s multinational culture, and the diversity of our student body. Read on to learn more about ACA’s culture and get a closer look into our educational and extracurricular activities all across school! Stay up-to-date with events from this past month, welcome our new staff and student body government (SBG), and take a virtual walk through our classrooms in our monthly class and club features.

(Independence Day – October 1, 1960)

ACA Celebrates Nigeria!

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

NIGERIA IS 62! Our students and staff dressed in green and white clothing or Nigerian attire to honor Nigeria’s Independence Day.

SBG Campaign and Elections

Friday, October 7, 2022

We held our annual campaign and elections for our new Student Body Government for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Meet our NEW Student Body Government (SBG)

The Student Body Government (SBG) is the students’ voice at the American Christian Academy (ACA). This year three new positions were created by the Student Body Government – Sports Director, Public Health Officer, and Public Relations Officer. We wish the Student Body Government good luck in their new role, already we are seeing skills needed to be our future leaders!

SBG Exco (Executive Committee)

Meet our Student Body President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Sports Director, and Public Health Officer for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

SBG Representatives (Middle – High School)

These student leaders from each class (6th to 12th Grade) are selected by SBG President, Vice President, and the SBG Advisory Committee as Student Body Representatives. Meet our new SBG Reps!

SBG Class Representatives (Middle – High School)

These student leaders are elected by the homeroom teacher and class as “Class Prefects” for each class (6th – 12th Grade). Meet our new SBG Class Representatives!

Meet Our NEW Staff

We had new staff join us all across our schools (Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High Schools) and administrative positions this school year, including our one of our very own alumni in 3rd Grade! It’s wonderful seeing ACA’s growth over the past 30 years and a new generation emerging. We also welcomed a new Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), Library/Study Hall Coordinator, Nurse, and Wellsprings House Parents. Let’s give a warm “WELCOME” to all our new staff!

New Staff Orientation/Retreat

Monday, October 10, 2022

Wellspring Suites IITA Field Trip

Monday, October 10, 2022

Over the public holiday, our boarding students took a fun day trip to IITA!

Fire Drill & Assembly

Friday, October 21, 2022

The procedure for ACA’s 2022-2023 Quarter I Fire Drill held on October 21, 2022, was smooth and successful. From Preschool through High School and all members of staff, this bi-annual exercise recorded an evacuation time of 9 minutes and 37 seconds.

During the week leading up to our Fire Drill, we held Assemblies all across school to go over our procedures. Our First Graders demonstrated a wonderful skit on fire safety and procedures:


“WELCOME to Our Classrooms!”


CRÈCHE: Learning through Play!


Learning the Word “UP” and Things that FLY


Nursery students had fun learning the word “UP” while playing with balloons. After learning about things that move “up”, our young explorers made paper planes to fly outdoors as they learned about the airplane as a means of transportation.


Learning to MOVE our Bodies!

KG Art:

Learning to use our Scissors (safely!)


Our “Busy Bees” from Pre-K and KG had fun learning the proper technique of using scissors safely during their art classes.

KG Science & Literacy:

Learning about our World


Early birds kindergartners worked together to fix a solar system puzzle. A week later, they learned about clouds and forms as they stepped outside their classroom for an outdoor cloud observation class. We continued with our “Earth” theme as a kindergartener played a noun “globetrotter” game with her teacher to name people, places, animals, and things on the globe.

Elementary School

1ST GRADE Literacy:

“Word Work”


First Graders were introduced to a fun new literacy activity this week as part of their ‘Daily 5’ – WORD WORK! They were guided through different tasks, identifying the tools they need, getting their tools quickly and quietly, finding the right focused environment, and getting to work! We are looking forward to their journey of learning to be able to spell, read and write independently, as they have fun with rainbow writing, ghost writing and more.


Group Work


Our young mathematicians worked in groups as they learned about grouping numbers into Hundreds, Tens and Ones.

2ND GRADE Science:

Plant Experiment


What happens when one plant is exposed to sunlight and the other is not? Which one survives? Let’s find out!


“Ordered Pairs”


2nd Graders learned about “Ordered Pairs” in Math using GRIDS.

3RD GRADE Literacy:

Dictionary Skills

In this month’s literacy class, 3rd Graders practised their dictionary skills. We’re excited for all the new words they’ll learn!

Lower Elementary (1ST – 3RD GRADE):

Super Improvers Reward Games Session!


CONGRATULATIONS to all our “Super Improvers!”

4TH GRADE Science:

Yeast Experiment


Our 4th Grader scientists conducted a series of experiments to determine whether yeast is a living thing.

4TH GRADE Music:

“Music Notation” (iPad Learning)


It’s always fun with a game of Kahoot! We’re testing our knowledge and speed in music notation and note identification. Who’s heading for the top of the leaderboard next?! As iPads were introduced into our Upper Elementary classrooms starting with 4th Grade last year, we have seen countless benefits. In music class, we are keeping up with the times, and music learning is made more engaging and fun.

5TH GRADE Social Studies:

The Beginning of Civilization (interactive iPad activity)


5th Grade students wrote about the beginning of civilization in Mesopotamia and later answered a quiz on their iPads. Our iPad pilot program extended from 4th Grade to 5th Grade this academic year, and with the incorporation of technology into our 21st century classrooms, we have seen students able to learn independently at their own pace, allowing for new discoveries in a secure and controlled environment, while teachers enjoy better classroom management. We love seeing our students empowered to use technology in educative and enriching ways.



“Owls like Paul Klee”


The ART and the PROCESS! 6th Graders drew and colored their beautiful owls in the style of Swiss-German artist, Paul Klee, known for his inventive canvases and his original approach to painting, often exploring color theory, form and design theory, abstraction and more.

8TH GRADE Music:

Theory and History of Music


Our young musicians have been learning a lot about music history and music theory this past month, advancing to reading and writing notes on ledger lines with ease, and identifying styles and periods in music.


Building a BRIDGE!


8th Grade Design & Technology (DT) students learned a little about structure, materials, and the process of construction as they built a bridge with straw and strawboard.


9TH GRADE Geography:

Student Projects


Our students have been learning a lot in their physical geography modules, from the earth’s surface to its atmosphere, and all the processes involved in landform formation, cloud formation and rain, different types of clouds, weather instruments and much more!

This month’s student projects feature:

1. Diagrammatic Explanation of Cloud Formation, 2. Types of High, Middle and Low Clouds, 3. Composite Volcano, 4. Shield Volcano 5. Weather Radar 6. Wind Vane

11TH GRADE English:

Presentations on Famous Speeches


This week’s lesson was titled “Identifying Rhetorical Situations”. Students researched and selected excerpts from famous speeches and gave their presentations in class.

11TH GRADE (UK Track) Physics:

AS Physics Experiment

12TH GRADE (US Track) Entrepreneurship:

”Idea vs Opportunity”


This week’s student presentation was on Idea vs. Opportunity, dwelling on the significance of having idea generation before opportunity recognition.

11TH – 12TH Grade PE:


…because what’s a day without some physical activity or a good sport? It’s all a part of well-rounded education and holistic wellness at ACA and beyond.

Club Features

Here’s a recap of some of our favorite club activities caught on camera this October. Stay tuned for more features in our November (Thanksgiving month) blog. We’re on the lookout for more clubs this month, and we’re especially looking forward to seeing the students from our performance clubs live-in-action during our Thanksgiving concert!

Clubs are listed in alphabetical order:


ACA’s Ballet Club is BACK! And we’d like to say we “kicked off” in a Grand Jeté 😉 We looked back on one of our favorite performances from last year’s Thanksgiving concert, “Moonlight Sonata” ballet with live piano <view details on Instagram @ACAOneFamily>, and we can’t wait to see what our ballerinas have in store for us this year!




Can you guess what we had baking in our kitchen this week? Watch this short video to experience cuisine club with us!





School Updates & Announcements

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Policy & Child Protection

Here is a reminder of our drop-off & pick-up policy for your child’s safety. Kindly note that we have resumed the use of car stickers during pick-up, and although masks are no longer mandated during school hours, we still encourage and maintain proper hygiene.



1 Felobater, Fisayo, Titobioluwa


2 Jomiloju


3 Arya, Eniola I., Sunidhi


5 Assil


6 Hansel


7 Riya G., Mr. Shina Adegbo


9 Jayden, Feranmi, Bowofoluwa


10 Mr. Timothy, Fola O


11 Utkarsh, Mr. Lucky


12 Mr.Idowu (Canon), Israel


13 Kiishi


16 Ms. Favour


17 Ms. Karen


20 Lavina, Mumilore, Toni F., Ali Saleh


21 Tomi


22 Eniife I., Harvey, Prantishtha


25 Bilen, Mahith


26 Mia, Ade O, Tessy A.


27 Adewole


28 Ms. Mary, Araoluwa, Geroge


31 Anaborhi



1 Ahmad


2 Eniiyijoba


3 Aamuktha


4 Kamsi, Mr. Felix


5 Ahmad Saleh, Mr. Olumide B


8 Ariella, Aboud, Ms. Tope


9 Joseph S.


10 Hillary


11 Joyce, Swara G.


13 Ms. Ebele


14 Tobenna, Prianna, Swara G., Vardhav


16 Joli


17 Srishti


18 Ayomide B., Hassan


19 Gabriella, Ms. Ethel, Mr. Babatunde


20 Ms. Bola O, God’s Peace


21 Ali S., Ire(Queen)


23 Jeanie, Mr. Abiola


26 Ms. Olamide, Eniife, Oshojeme


27 Sahaan, Sahasra


28 Christian, Swara


29 Devesh


30 Andrea