Vol 43: Issue 8

Welcome to Q4!

We’re full swing into the final quarter of the academic year! With PSATs already here, A-level and IGCSE exams kicking off next week, SATs, AP, MUSON exams, Assessments, Graduation prep and much more, we wish you all the very best for the last stretch. For important announcements and updates, stay up to date right here, with our weekly blog.


Parent–Teacher Conference (PTC):

PRESCHOOL & SENIOR SCHOOL: /We kicked off Q4 with a very engaging one-on-one PTC over 3 days with our preschool parents and teachers, while our senior parents had access to subject teachers across all departments. Thank you to all parents who attended, and for being a part of our community.

Weekly Class Features


1ST GRADE – “Shoelace Tying Lesson!”

First Graders sat with their sneakers as they learned a very practical skill – tying their shoelaces! Thank you to our parents for stopping by and patiently teaching our children until they got the hang of it.

6TH GRADE – MUSON Preliminary Exams


Our results are in! CONGRATULATIONS to our 6th Graders for their excellent performance in the MUSON music theory preliminary exam last November.

We look forward to many more of our students taking the MUSON theory and practical exams this May, and hosting other music students all across Ibadan. ACA is the official MUSON testing center in Ibadan. Kindly register with us by April 27th, to sit for the May exams. See important registration information and other details below.


ARTS & CRAFTS (Preschool)

It was a fun afternoon outdoors as preschoolers used their crayons to color against the bark of trees and leaves to make a pattern.

School Updates & Announcements


We look forward to seeing you again in our next monthly blog,

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