Vol 43: Issue 5



JUNIOR SCHOOL Parents’ Meeting (with ACA Admin)

Weekly Class Features


NURSERY Social Studies: “Occupational Clothing” – Nursery students dressed up for a fun Social Studies lesson on occupational clothing. We had doctors and paramedics and surgeons, engineers and construction workers, lawyers, beauticians, a pilot, a policeman, an astronaut, and more!

PRE-KG Literacy: Consonant Blends

PRE-KG Science: “Float or Sink?” – Pre-KG students gathered around a pool of water for a fun, practical lesson outdoors on objects that float and objects that sink. From cotton wool to rocks, to buttons to wooden toys, they all had a go at taking a guess and testing and throwing. Which objects float? Watch this video for an exciting and engaging lesson with both Pre-KG classes.


1st Grade SCIENCE: Brushing our Teeth

3rd Grade SCIENCE: Volcanic Eruption Experiment

6th Grade DEVOTION: “Forgiveness”

Special Activities

11th Grade IP – Trip to Jesus Kids & MAYEIN

11th Grade students and some Wellspring Residents took a trip to Jesus Kids and MAYEIN Youth Center. The 11th Graders had raised funds as part of their Independent Project (IP) and donated in kind to both organizations. This project helped trigger students awareness of the needs in their surrounding community. 11th Grade now plans to initiate a “Book Drive” and support the less privileged in the surrounding neighborhood.

Jesus Kids

MAYEIN Youth Center

We are grateful to Mrs. Adamolekun of Jesus Kids, Mrs. Ossai the founder of MAIYEN, and all staff for their dedicated service to the community, and we would also like to thank them for the opportunity to visit their organization.

IGCSE Art – Excursion to Landmark & Oniru Beaches
10th Grade IGCSE Art students took a trip to Landmark and Oniru beaches in Lagos last Saturday, to explore the coastal environment depicting beach-related still-life scenes.

9th Grade students completed their week-long marketing project, and it was a huge success! Thank you parents, students and staff who supported them. The students were able to put to practice different concepts relating to business, sales and marketing. A job well done to Team Sixth Sense and Team A-Cubed!

SENIOR ASSEMBLY (led by Perfect Conduct Students)
This week’s Senior Assembly was led by students who got Perfect Conduct on their first semester report card.



After their weekly warm-ups, the swimming club students moved on to backstroke. All made progress! The coach guided them on and corrected their form and kicks.

School Updates & Announcements



Dear Parents, Easter holiday is coming up on April 11th – 18th, the Wellsprings residents are expected to resume on Tuesday, April 19th while all students’ resume on Wednesday, April 20th.

Find below important information

Easter Assembly – Thursday, April 7th and Friday, April 8th

Preschool & Junior school – 8:15 AM

Middle – Senior – 12:15 – 1:00 PM

Dress Code for Elementary School Choir: White shirts (with collars) & black bottoms (pants or skirts). The school will provide red scarves/handkerchiefs for choristers.


We look forward to seeing you again in our next monthly blog,

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