Innovation and Exhibitions

Marketing Projects for 9th Grades Students

The most common and enjoyable business studies project in 9th grade is the marketing project. This project is really a wider business plan that focuses heavily on self-learning all marketing elements. Students work in groups and market products themselves. They start from writing a business plan to financing their projects and finally pay back to the community by donating 25% of their profits to the less privileged.

Science Fair

Bi-Annual Science fair is an opportunity for ACA students to apply the scientific method to conduct independent research. The results of each student’s research is presented in a school wide science fair where the student’s efforts are displayed and where they are interviewed to determine scientific merit. Students who have been judged to have used the scientific method properly and who have demonstrated thoroughness in their studies and effort are awarded prizes.

ACA Bi-annual science fair is generally a competition where students present their science project, results in the form of a report, display board, and/or models that they have created. ACA Science fair allows Preschool -Senior school students to compete in science and/or technology activities. The main motive of science fair is for students to answer a question or task, not from a textbook but researched by themselves by conducting a range of experiments and ongoing research in the short amount of time allocated to them. In order that the questions or tasks spark a true interest in the student they should be able to have an interesting, eye catching project often portrayed on a display board or a 3D Model.

International Fair

ACA’s International fair, a highly anticipated and awaited social event … where all nationalities come together to celebrate international cultures at ACA.

It is an annual event that we usually organize on Children’s Day. International fair is an event which combines a lot of fun activities and a display of varieties of food, dance, music, art and craft from several nations.

This event is a good means for our students to socialize. Parents, staff and students involvement give the child a feeling of their parent’s, teachers’ love for them and their relationship get stronger.