Vol 45: Issue 6 (March 2024)

Welcome to our March Blog!

Spring is near; Easter is HERE!

‘Twas a month of new life; a season of good cheer!

From the life of Jesus to the lines of Dr. Seuss;

new ways to learn – indoors and outdoors, no excuse!

So let’s take a trip down memory lane,

as we march through our month of March once again…

Easter Assembly 2024

"A Story of Hope"

The entire school gathered together for a most wonderful Easter Assembly featuring our Preschool and Elementary students, Hip Hop Club, Wellsprings (Boarding) Drama Club, Staff Choir, and a very special guest as a divine surprise — Dr. Ron Kenoly! It was such a blessing to have him with us, and we extend our gratitude to his hosts, Minister Olumide Iyun and familiy and friends for joining us. Together, we celebrated God’s greatest gift!


Last month, ACA hosted our very first in-house swimming gala! So we gathered together to kick off this month with our Swimming Gala Awards Assembly, and winners were presented with award ribbons. CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners, and to all students who participated!

Monthly Class Features

COME! Let’s Take a Walk into our ACA Classrooms…


Celebrating National Read Across America Week

(Preschool & Lower Elementary School)

March 2–6, 2024 


We kicked off this month with National Read Across America Day, celebrating Dr. Seuss and Early Literacy in Pre-K through 3rd Grade all week long!


Step into our Pre-K, KG and 1st Grade classrooms and catch our Dr. Seuss Week recap in this video — from Twins n’ Triplets Tuesday to Wacky Wednesday, and from Rhyme Time in Storytime to Green Eggs and Ham with Sam-I-Am.


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NURSERY: Cultural Wear

NURSERY: Community Helpers


As always, we are carrying our parents along! 1st–3rd Grade parents were invited into the classroom to meet the teachers, learn about programs and policies, gain insight on how to support their child(ren) at home, stay up-to-date with their child(ren)’s learning and ask questions. It was an engaging session!

Scroll through our gallery with the < > arrows below:

1ST GRADE: Field Trip to the Supermarket

First Graders brought their math skills to life at the supermarket! Given a limited budget and real money, they scanned through various items in the store, weighed their desires, and with their markers and whiteboards in hand, added the cost of selected items and subtracted from the total amount they were given to calculate their change. Students picked up valuable life skills and lessons along the way, including contentment and gratitude!

2ND–3RD GRADE: Field Trip to the Beach

Second and Third Graders have been learning all about oceans and landforms. They wrapped up science class with a trip to the coast for some fun at the beach!

5TH GRADE: Field Trip to the Bank

Fifth Graders have been learning about classroom economy all year, with personal finance and practical math skills. They topped this off with a trip to the bank to take a tour and learn more about its operations.

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Q3 Social Studies Projects

Our Middle Schoolers have been busy with very rich, engaging and creative social studies projects this quarter! Different tasks were assigned to each group to explore different historical figures through scrapbooking, storyboard animation, biographies, comic strips, interactive websites, historical fiction writing, mock trials, artistic interpretation and podcast series.


  • 6th Graders took a deep dive into the rich history and culture of early civilizations
  • 7th Graders went on an immersive exploration of Germany from 1919–1945
  • 8th Graders focused on the dynamic period in American history, spanning from 1919–1941


Each group demonstrated EXCELLENCE, and we look forward to sharing more with you soon! Until then, here’s a sneak peek:

6TH GRADE Reformation Comic Strip: “Journey through the tumultuous era of the Protestant Reformation with a dynamic comic strip depicting pivotal scenes and figures such as Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses or John Calvin’s establishment of the Calvinist church in Geneva. Infuse illustrations and dialogue to vividly convey historical events in a visually captivating format.”


(Click the < > arrows to explore this project)

7TH GRADE Interactive Website: “Get ready to create an immersive online experience with an interactive website showcasing different facets of Germany from 1919–1945. Incorporate multimedia content, interactive timelines, maps, and educational resources to allow users explore politics, society, culture, and the Holocaust. Your website will be a valuable educational resource for understanding this critical period in history”


(Click the < > arrows to explore this project)

HIGH SCHOOL: Field Trip to Hansen’s Village

(Marketing & Community Service Project)

After a successful marketing project, 9th Graders took a trip to Hansen’s village, a home for families affected by Hansen’s disease. As part of their community development initiative, they donated their proceeds, food and other supplies, and spent time with the community there engaging in conversations, song and dance.


(Marketing & Community Service Project)

9th Graders also gave proceeds from their marketing project took a trip to MAYEIN for their youth empowerment and community development initiatives, in an effort to rebuild what was lost in the recent Ibadan blast.


(Biology & Environmental Sciences)

Students took an educational tour of the IITA Biosciences Center and Forest Reserve.

HIGH SCHOOL Parent–Teacher Conferences (PTC)

Our culture of parental involvement continued with our High School Parent–Teacher Conferences this month. Scroll through our gallery < > to step into our parents’ world:


TAEKWONDO: New Belt Alert!


Our students levelled up after grading and received their new belts. CONGRATULATIONS!





“HAPPY EASTER!” with Ron Kenoly

SAFETY TRAINING: Fire Extinguisher Use

In the interest of our students and for the safety of our entire community, we have held fire drills and lockdown drills. This month, our Facilities team conducted a fire extinguisher training to ensure that all teachers are able to use the different types of fire extinguishers that we have around campus.

School Announcements


This April, we are looking forward to:

Easter Break

Creative Languages, Arts & Music (CLAM) Festival

PTA Community Carnival

and more!


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We look forward to seeing you again in our next monthly blog,

Vol 45: Issue 7 (April 2024)



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