Vol 45: Issue 4 (January 2024)

Welcome to our January Blog!

2024 is upon us!

Let’s take a virtual walk down memory lane,

as we bring you all the fresh highlights 

from our first month of the new year!

"Around Our ACA World in 180 Seconds"

(A Quick Tour)

Happy New Year!

We’re kicking off 2024 with our UPDATED school tour video, better representing different programs and extracurricular activities across all schools. Sit back and enjoy this 3-minute quick tour around our beautiful little world!

What would you like to see more of this year? Did you enjoy the voices of our beautiful staff choir in the soundtrack of our school anthem? Are you excited for our upcoming CLAM (Creative Language, Arts & Music) Festival 2024? Or our Swimming Gala before that?!

Catch the full video transcript with details and contact info in the YouTube description, and don’t forget to share with a friend!


Welcome back to ACA’s Monthly Blog — your number one destination and visual insight into life across school at the American Christian Academy and in your child’s classrooms. We’re excited to roll out new features this new year, keeping you and your viewing experience in mind. STAY TUNED!

We’re kicking off this New Year’s Edition by welcoming you back from the holidays with concert highlights from our very musical Christmas 2023. Then it’s a “Happy New Year!” from our students, parents and staff.

In this month’s highlights, our wonderful PTA kicked off the year in style with our PTA Family Fun Day. We welcomed our parents for interactive assemblies with our students and informative meetings with ACA’s admin staff. 

We welcomed our new staff, shared fun moments as we stepped into the new year with joy, came together as faculty for Professional Development (PD) sessions, and celebrated MLK Day learning about Martin Luther King Jr’s values and the importance of love.

Our “Monthly Class Features” brings you snippets from each class, with a special swimming gallery highlight across all schools, as we prepare for our first in-house Swimming Gala!

As always, there is something for EVERYONE!

Sit back and enjoy!


It was a very musical Christmas indeed! We’re kicking off our New Year’s Blog Edition by sharing highlights from our Christmas Concert:

1. Preschool Christmas Songs

2. Middle–High School Christmas Concert (Part 1): Individual Performances

3. Elementary Christmas Musical: “Little Drummer Dude”

The entire Middle–High School Christmas Opera, “A Night in Bethlehem”, will premiere just in time to celebrate our CLAM Festival 2024. It was a rich and most musically complex performance from our older students. Stay tuned!

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"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" from our Students

In Preschool, our Nursery students made 2024 hats to ring in the new year!

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" from our Parents/PTA:

Parent Highlights

We’re saying a huge “THANK YOU!” to our wonderful ACA family—parents, students, families and staff—and to our PTA for putting on and being a part of our PTA Family Fun Day. All enjoyed an afternoon of bonding time, games, food and fun! 

ACA’s parents also led PTA-coordinated assemblies (with an interactive talk show) and engaged our students in interactive and much-needed conversations about internet safety, social media, artificial intelligence, health, and hygiene.

As a family school, we always look forward to providing opportunities for high parental involvement, community, collaboration and support. Thank you for partnering with us as we cater to your child’s holistic educational needs and all-round development. View our parent highlight recaps below:

Parent + Admin Meetings

Our admin meetings gave parents the opportunity to interact and engage; be informed on communication channels, learning in their child’s classrooms, and activities/programs relevant to their child; express their concerns, and provide feedback on how ACA can better serve our students and parents. This past month, we held these meetings with our Preschool, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary parents.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" from our Staff

We’re happy and thankful for the new year! While students end the week with “Formal Fridays” in uniform, it’s unofficial ankara day for our staff who often dress down in traditional print. We’re celebrating 2024 featuring some of our wonderful staff in this “FASHION FRIDAY” feature, and sending you lots of JOY! Are you flying as high as we are this year?

Always remember, you look so much better when you “SMILE!” 🙂


We welcomed our new Pre-K teacher, LSU (Learning Support Unit) staff, Lower and Upper Elementary TA and substitute teacher, Facilities Manager, and more. Welcome to our ACA Family!


Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Classroom: All faculty were trained in engaging and informative sessions on the integration of Canva, AI and ChatGPT in lesson plans, interactive learning, projects and more.


January 15, 2024

ACA celebrated the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr during interactive assemblies and devotions, by learning about his life, values, and what he fought for. Here are some of our favorite quotes from his book, “Strength to Love”. He reminded us that love is the highest good and that God is Love. Indeed, his legacy lives on.

“Happy Birthday MLK!” — January 15, 1929

Monthly Class Features

COME! Let’s Take a Walk into our ACA Classrooms…


Preschool Activity Highlight: SWIMMING IN THE BIG POOL!

EARLY LITERACY IN PRESCHOOL: Library & Independent Reading/Learning


Circle Time is an integral part of our Preschool curriculum at ACA, and one of our most loved things to do. It’s a time of bonding, interaction, and developing of essential communication skills. Students round up in a circle, often on their classroom’s comfy rugs, and teachers begin by calling each student by name, saying hello with handshake of wave. 

Communication skills and learning during this time can include anything from talking about their emotions, making the right choices, values and character development, to storytelling, letters, sight words, colors, days of the week, and more! We look forward to starting our day with Preschool circle time and morning routines. Have a look at some of our activities from each classroom in our galleries below:

<Important Note: To experience our new mobile gallery format, click on each image to view full screen, scroll, or save>

CRÈCHE: Identifying and Matching Colors, Identifying Animals, Counting 1–10

PRE-NURSERY: After Circle Time, children learned about the next letter ‘K’ and made crowns fit for Kings

NURSERY: Morning Routines and a Story about our… Hands!

PRE-K: A very musical Circle Time!

KG: A reflective Circle Time and Morning Routines with building blocks


Elementary School Activity Highlight: IT’S A RACE TO OUR SWIMMING GALA!


1st Grade: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it SHINE!”

Our young students are learning the importance of “being a light” in our world, both in words and in actions. In our first Lower Elementary Assembly of the year, students made new year’s resolutions as they discussed what they want to stop doing, what they want to start doing, and what they want to learn.


Star of the Week: Everyone gets to be a STAR! Each week, a student gets to enjoy lunch with his/her parent and tell the class a story.

Social Studies & Life Skills: We learned how to tie our shoelaces and shared how we greet in our different cultures.

Math: The children enjoy math at estimation — rounding up and down via number lines. They played a game called “Addition Bump” as part of their Daily 3.


In Science class, 2nd Graders learned about the three states of matter. With an exciting experiment of baking doughnuts, they explored physical and chemical changes. What changes are permanent, and which ones are reversible? Our chef mixed the ingredients for making dough (flour, yeast, sugar, milk powder, water, and egg), and the students learned that they could not reverse the changes made. However, when we started molding the dough, it could change from one shape to another (physical change). Finally, when the doughnut was baked, students also realized they couldn’t reverse the changes made to the unbaked state. Eventually, they were able to compare the physical and chemical changes of matter.

In an earlier lesson, students distinguished between thick and thin liquids by describing the properties of olive oil, and syrup. They saw that some liquids flow faster than others.  All recognized that God is orderly because He gave specific properties to matter in different states.

Finally, in Math class, students completed their projects and gave presentations on plane and solid shapes using slides and models.


In Social Studies class, 3rd Graders presented their assigned paragraphs on Nelson Mandela during, and in Science class, they demonstrated their five senses.


In Literacy class, students practiced Spelling Vocabulary, Word Analysis & Phonics with “Basic Words”.

In Art and ICT, they engaged with painting and word games between formal lessons.


Art Class and Science Vocabulary


Middle School Activity Highlight: COMPETITIVE SWIMMING DRILLS!


6TH GRADE Art: The Art and Life of Paul Klee


7TH GRADE: Commerce Project

8TH GRADE Art: Color Theory


High School Activity Highlight: SWIMMING GALA PREP + WATER POLO!

9TH GRADE: Coding

9TH GRADE: Physics

An experiment that determines the acceleration of free fall (g) using a simple pendulum

10TH GRADE: Chemistry

How to find a concentration by Titration:

The volume of acid needed to neutralize an alkali is found by adding the acid a little at a time until the indicator shows that the reaction is complete. This method is called “Titration”. We found the concentration of an acid using this method, and then used a solution of an alkali of known concentration (a standard solution) and titrated the acid against it.


Normalization to Third Normal Form (Database)

11th Grade (US Track): Pre-Calculus

12th Grade (US Track): Calculus

12th Grade (UK Track): A-Level Math

School Announcements



We look forward to seeing you again in our next monthly blog,

Vol 45: Issue 5 (February 2023)

Stay tuned for a very special video for our “MONTH OF LOVE”!



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