Vol 45: Issue 5 (February 2024)

Welcome to our February Blog!

It’s Valentine’s month!

Let’s take a virtual walk down memory lane,

as we bring you all the fresh highlights 

from our “month of love” and more!

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"You Are Loved" (ACA World Languages)

A Valentine's x World Children's Day Special

ACA children had a very special message/reminder for you this Valentine’s month, and they’re back in (almost!) all languages they know to let YOU know!

Listen to what they had to say in:

“You Are Loved” – ACA World Languages
(A Valentine’s x World Children’s Day Special)

We hope that this is a timely and heartwarming reminder this season, and we’d love it if you SHARE with family and friends around the world too!  🌍🌏🌎

— An original ACA Media Production © 2024 —

Full video production credits in the YouTube description.

Thank you to all the students who participated in sharing this heartwarming message!


This month, ACA hosted our very first in-house swimming gala! Check out our video recaps from Preschool and Elementary School. Can you feel the energy in the air?! Our parents and lane officials were the BEST cheerleaders! We appreciate you all and thank our coaches and teachers for making this event a huge success!

Stay tuned for highlights from our MIDDLE–HIGH SCHOOL SWIMMING GALA and our Swimming Gala Awards next month!


In the spirit of love and giving this month, ACA’s Student Body Government (SBG) initiated a Blood Drive and hosted the National Blood Service Commission on our campus. Collectively, our ACA Family donated 22 pints of blood from 22 people that can save 66 lives (and more!) 🩸

Thank you to our young student leaders, and to our entire ACA family — staff, parents, alumni and everyone who donated. We also appreciate all those who got screened and intend to donate blood, and we all learned the many benefits of blood donation (both for ourselves and anyone in need).



School Spirit Week —  February 19–22, 2024


SBG gave us another week of fun and creativity to let our spirits soar!

Monday: Jersey Day

Tuesday: Crazy Hat/Hair Day

Wednesday: Pink Day

Thursday: Character Day

…and we ended our week with “Uniform Day” for our Awards Assembly!

100 Days of School — February 26, 2024


We celebrated 100 Days of School!
100 days older
100 days wiser
100 days brighter
100 days of learning this school year
(and we’re looking forward to more!)


ACA’s Academic Awards Assembly was a beautiful celebration of academic achievements from Upper Elementary through High School (4th–12th Grade). Three of our Lower Elementary students (1st–3rd Grade) were selected from their Talent Show to perform in front of older students as they prepared to receive their academic awards. Check out our recap on Instagram @ACAOneFamily for an incredible performance. We are proud of all our students.


CONGRATULATIONS to all our Semester I Shooting Stars, Rising Stars, Stars, Superstars, and All-Stars!


Let’s take a look into boarding life at ACA… It’s Field Trip time! Our boarding students stepped out of Wellspring Suites for a fun and educational field trip to Abeokuta last weekend. Watch this recap to see what they were up to at Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Museum and Zoo:

Monthly Class Features

COME! Let’s Take a Walk into our ACA Classrooms…


PRESCHOOL HIGHLIGHT: Valentine’s Parade 


Our Preschoolers ended Valentine’s Day in style, with our annual costume parade! Parents came to watch as we featured our Crèche Pink Princesses, Pre-Nursery Little Brides & Grooms, Nursery Community Helpers, Pre-K Characters and Friends dressed in “Party RED”, and our KG Kids, who brought out their coolest dance moves to end the parade with their New Year’s Eve Disco Theme.



Our Elementary Talent Show was a full display, as young talented performers shared their gifts through music, dance, sports, drama, comedy, and scriptures. Here at ACA, our Expected Student Outcomes (ESO’s) extend beyond the classroom, and we strive to raise students who will enjoy and are passionate about their identified gifts and talents — whether artistic, musical, literary or athletic. We are so proud of every single one of these performers!

NURSERY: In Science class, students had a good time using their sense of taste during a ‘taste test’


Field Trip: Abeokuta Golf Course

Field Trip: Olumo Rock, Abeokuta

Science: Investigation on Light

Math: Arranging digits according to place at hundreds, tens, and ones


ICT & Art Class


Field Trip: Institute of Child Health, Genetics Laboratory at College of Medicine, UCH.


Field Trip: Oriental Foods

Social Studies: Igbo and Hausa Culture

Science: Transverse and Longitudinal Waves 


MIDDLE SCHOOL HIGHLIGHT: STEM Class with Smart Kid Engineers


As part of our integrated Middle School curriculum, STEM prepares students to keep up with technological advancements in an ever-changing world. Our instructors at Smart Kids Engineers highlighted these two quotes:


“The world is in constant change; thus, through a critical STEAM education, students can learn how to adapt to new and different situations. We are preparing students for jobs and environments that might not exist right now.” — Dr. Marilupe Hren


“STEM education is very important to mankind. Just like the water we drink and the air we breathe in, we need it to produce more critical thinkers, problem solvers, innovators, and the world’s best economy drivers.” — Bamigboye Olurotimi


We are happy to provide our young innovators with this opportunity and are thrilled to see all the growth, excitement, and active engagement in every project. Students have been learning about simple machines and their operations, building mechanical systems and structures, constructing motorized vehicles and pulley systems, exploring electronics and complete circuits, learning about conductors and resistors, assembling electrical circuits, diving into the world of coding and robotics, and most importantly, learning to work together as a team!

HIGH SCHOOL HIGHLIGHT: 9th Grade Marketing Project


From the 19th to 23rd of February, 9th Graders engaged in a week-long marketing project. It was a very engaging and hands-on exercise involving the whole school community, and it was and a huge success!


Students were graded based on promotion, marketing strategy and advertisement; product variety, arrangement and display; packaging, customer service, hygiene; promptness, job delegation and team bonding; pricing, and finally, profits.


25% of proceeds go to the Hansen’s Village and Franciscan Schools for Charity.


Which student group do you think got the trophy:

Our US Track “Campus Cravings” or our UK Track “Sirens”?



We are looking forward to hearing the final scores soon! Both teams excelled well in different areas, so we’re saying “WELL DONE!” to our entire 9th Grade Marketing class, and a big “THANK YOU!” to all parents, staff and students for patronizing them.


Watch our recap below, and follow us on Instagram @ACAOneFamily for more:

6TH GRADE Science: Testing for Solubility

11TH GRADE SCIENCE: Qualitative analysis

11TH–12TH GRADE DT: Phone stand project


TAEKWONDO: End-of-Semester Grading 


“Happy Valentine’s Day!”

STAFF CELEBRATIONS: “Happy Work Anniversary!”

We gathered together to celebrate our staff work anniversaries, some over 25 years!

We also celebrated birthdays for the months of January and February.

STAFF SWIMMING: “Did someone say Staff Swimming Gala?!”

School Announcements



DR. SEUSS WEEK: March 4–8




We look forward to seeing you again in our next monthly blog,

Vol 45: Issue 6 (March 2024)



3 Enigye, Phelo, Om
4 Ms. Lolade, Mr. Frederick, Mr Sunday J.
5 Darasimi A.
8 Nitansha, Mr. Gideon
9 Ahmad, Youssef, Mehshar, Ms Tolu O, Ms. Ada
10 Nour, Lakshya, Koye
11 Zachary, Evelle
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13 Ms. Nkeiruka, Naira
14 Irewande
17 Fatima, Mariam
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22 Emmanuel T, Ms. Morenike, Ruby, Fwangyil
23 Audrey
24 Mabel, Kanyinsola
25 Jedidah, Iretimofe, Ali W., Funrere, Ms Ibukun
28 Nifemi E., Ms. Bola
31 Ms. Lydia, Oba, Riya Gite