Vol 45: Issue 1 (September 2023)

Welcome to a New School Year at ACA!

Welcome to our first blog of the school year!

The new school year is indeed in full swing here at ACA.

Take a virtual walk down memory lane with us,

as we bring you all the fresh highlights 

from our Back-to-School month of SEPTEMBER…

ACA’s Multilingual "Welcome!"

American Christian Academy has welcomed students 

from more than 60 nations in just over 30 years, 

and now we bring to you: 

“ACA’s Multilingual Welcome!” 


Welcome to ACA! Here, we believe that every child is made in the image of God and celebrate our different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. Sit back and enjoy this special 90-second welcome video. Let us know what country you are from in the comments, and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel @ American Christian Academy for more!

WELCOME BACK to our Monthly Blog!


We are excited to welcome you back to our monthly blog! Our website has undergone several changes to optimize the viewing experience for you, and we re-commit to bringing you an open window into life at ACA. ACA’s Monthly Blog is your number one destination and visual insight into life across school at the American Christian Academy and in your child’s classrooms. Be on the lookout on the first Friday of every month for a new blog post! We are excited for the year ahead and look forward to bringing you more from life at ACA. 


There is something for everyone!



In this month’s highlights, we give a special welcome to our new ACA family and bring you a summary of all that’s new at ACA. We’re kicking off our blog year with an all-inclusive back-to-school recap.



Our Monthly Class Features takes you on a walk into your child’s classroom, bringing you class activities from all across school. Make sure you scroll all the way down to the end for a special highlight from our Class of 2023, as they completed their various high school programs and said goodbye to ACA!



As we look forward to our Club Highlights beginning next month, we bring you another special highlight, highly anticipated, from the Middle/High School Musical Performance Club’s Music Recital 1.0 last semester.



Scroll to the very end to find out which Biannual Event we are looking forward to this school year. In the meantime, we give you a sneak peek into last year’s event and more…



Sit back and enjoy!

Orientation & Back-to-School Nite

We kicked off the new school year with our New Family Orientation. This event took place in JC Hall, featuring our “ACA Family Wall” behind. Here, our Principal, Ms. Karen, took parents and students to sign their new student names next to the handwritten names of all other students that have passed through the American Christian Academy. We pride ourselves in being a “family school” that knows each child by name, and we remember and value each child deeply, in line with our Core Value #1:



“EVERY Child is made in the Image of God and is therefore of Inestimable Worth.”

Welcome to our ACA Family!


Our new and returning students got the year started with 2 Back-to-School Nites. It was lots of fun and games. Our older students and parents were walked through different policies & procedures, where they learned about all that happens at ACA.

Watch our Back-to-School Nite recap and follow us on Instagram @ACAOneFamily.

Instagram Reel Scheduled for Monday, October 9, 6pm

@ACAOneFamily on Instagram:


What's New at ACA?

A Brand New Swimming Pool!

We are excited for our new 6-lane pool! 


It’s been a very busy summer of construction, and soon, students (and staff alike) will get to swim right here on our ACA campus! We are looking forward to having swimming classes incorporated into our PE curriculum, and a more advanced swimming squad as part of our Swimming Club in preparation for our swimming gala next semester.

New Uniforms!

This semester, we introduced a new comfortable maroon polo shirt and gray bottoms, in line with our official school colors. Our students continue to use our light blue and khaki uniforms, and are encouraged to dress smartly with this on our new “Formal Fridays”.

New Learning Support Unit (LSU)

The new Learning Support Unit (LSU) is here to help every student reach their full potential! We offer learning support services for various educational needs, including Special Educational Needs (SEN), and we have expanded into a new room for increased capacity. Our brightly-colored room remains an ACA favorite!

New Diction Program

This school year, we kicked off our new diction program at ACA with our new Diction Coach. This is being developed as part of ACA’s commitment to excellence in oral and written English, as we raise world-class citizens. We train our students on clear and expressive speech, proper pronunciation and articulation, and excellent and appropriate choice of words during oral communication.

New Integrated STEM Program

We are pleased to introduce a new integrated Middle School STEM curriculum this school year, with SMART Kids Engineering.

WELCOME to our New Students!

From our new high schoolers, all the way down to our Pre-Nursery class, we are giving a huge ACA “WELCOME!” to all our new students. We look forward to seeing you thrive and hope that you have a memorable and impactful time at ACA.


Group Photos (L–R, from top): 1. New High School Students in front of our “Family School + Children of the World” wall, 2. New Preschool Students I (Pre-Nursery Class), 3. New Preschool Students II (Creche + Nursery + Pre-K), 4. New Elementary School Students, and 5. New Middle School Students

WELCOME to our New Staff!

This semester (so far), we welcomed our awesome international Chef Royce to our ACA kitchen as kitchen manager and Ms Wunmi in the reception as ACA’s new front desk officer.

Monthly Class Features

COME! Let’s Take a Walk into our ACA Classrooms…




NURSERY: Modes of Transportation (Bus)

The students had an enjoyable time exploring the concept of buses 

as a mode of transportation while riding on one.

PRE-K Art: Finger-painting tree and butterfly shapes

PRE-K ICT: Intro to Computer Mouse Coordination

Elementary School

“Welcome to Elementary School!”

Scroll < > to view our gallery of our brand new happy First Graders!

1ST GRADE Math: Fun with Shapes

1ST GRADE Problem-Solving: “How do we solve the problem of hunger?”

1ST GRADE Literacy: Students learn to work in groups during reading

1ST GRADE PE: Students visited the top of the Wellsprings building for a fun PE activity

2ND GRADE Science: Differences between Field Corn and Sweet Corn

2ND GRADE Science: A Practical Demonstration using Science tools

4TH GRADE Art: Drawing upside down!

5TH GRADE Science: Cells Under the Microscope

Middle School

MIDDLE SCHOOL Assembly and MUSON Awards

After a fun and interactive quiz, Middle School students were presented with their MUSON (Musical Society of Nigeria) Theory of Music exam certificates from last year. Our students got a 100% pass rate, with close to 85% Distinction! CONGRATULATIONS to our young musicians!!! 


6TH GRADE Diction

High School


11TH–12TH GRADE Biology

11TH–12TH GRADE Business


Saad (11th Grade) had his business presentation on the “Nature of Marketing”, 

while Safi (11th Grade) had his business presentation on “Market Research”

11TH/12TH GRADE Devotion

Class of 2023 Highlight

CONGRATULATIONS to our Class of 2023!

As we kick off the new school year here at ACA, we are wishing you all the very best in this next phase of your lives. Always remember, you are made to THRIVE!



Video Feature (4-minutes): SENIOR WALK 2023


Dear ACA Family, kindly take a moment to type in “Congratulations!” and/or leave your well wishes in the comments to celebrate our Class of 2023. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel @ American Christian Academy for more updates!

Club Highlight


Watch last semester’s very special Music Recital 1.0, featuring a series of 24 individual and group performances from students in the Middle–High School Musical Performance Club. We hope you enjoy this recap as much as we did LIVE, and we look forward to having you join us at our next recital!




1. Shorter Viewing Time (2–5 min): YouTube Chapters for Individual Performances

Click on the YouTube Description and scroll down for a “Performance List & Timeline”. You can click on each timecode to skip to your favorite performance for shorter 2 to 5-minute viewings or scroll along the video timeline to select the performance as a YouTube Chapters. Click on “View All” to view an interactive list of all individual performances as YouTube Chapters.


2. Longer Viewing Time (90 min): Full Performance

Grab a bowl of popcorn, sit back, and enjoy a 1-hour 30-minute show! It’s like a movie, but a marathon of incredible music performances from our very own students. You could even cast to your SMART TV or projector screens for the Full HD experience. ENJOY!

Upcoming Events


Annual Events

Christmas Concert: Middle – High School

December 7, 2023

“A Night in Bethlehem”, featuring the Christmas Musical by Laz Ekwueme and other performances

Christmas Program: Pre–Elementary School

December 8, 2023

“The Little Drummer Dude”, featuring a percussively fun Christmas Musical for kids

CLAM 2024 

Creative Languages, Arts & Music (CLAM) Festival 

Biannual Event

In alternating school years, biannually, we have celebrated and inspired learning and growth in both Sciences and the Arts with our Science Fairs and CLAM (Creative Languages, Arts & Music) Festivals. Last year, we had a very successful Science Fair, and this year, we are looking forward to our CLAM Festival!


Here’s a slideshow recap from our Science Fair last year, followed by a video production from our CLAM Festival the year before. Enjoy!


We look forward to seeing you again in our next monthly blog,

Vol 45: Issue 2 (October 2023)




1 Felobater, Titobioluwa
2 Jomiloju
3 Arya, Eniola Iroko, Sunidhi
6 Hansel
7 Riya G. Mr. Shina Adegbo
9 Feranmi, Yonathan
10 Ms. Grace Fola O, Felami
11 Utkarsh, Mr. Lucky
12 Mr. Idowu (Canon), Israel
13 Kiishi
16 Ms. Favour
17 Ms. Karen
20 Lavina, Mumilore
21 Tomi
22 Eniife Iroko, Harvey
25 Bilen, Mahith, Annette
26 Mia, Ade O, Tessy A.
27 Adewole, Kwoopnaan
28 Ms. Mary, Araoluwa, George
29 Mr Charles
30 Morakinyo
31 Anaborhi, Tomisin